Bellnews is a quarterly publication of Bell Oil and Gas which summarises the activities of the company every quarter of the year. The newsletter, which is now in its seventh year of publication, has a wide readership not only across BOG, but also clients, competitors, technical partners, service providers and other BOG/industry stakeholders.

The editorial team makes the newsletter a reality. On the editorial team are the production crew and the editors, who work through the very first manuscript to the final output. The production crew collates information and data across all BOG departments. The crew also validates all materials and ascertains fitness for purpose.

In addition, the production crew is also responsible for collating and analysing various articles from staff. Articles collated are read through by the editor, who then selects the best article for inclusion in the newsletter. A prize is awarded for the winning article.

The following staff make up the editorial team:

Editor-in-Chief – Kayode Thomas, CEO: Responsible for the final editing / adjustments to the newsletter and final approval for publication.

Editor – Jessy Eni, Senior Human Resources Manager: Responsible for primary editing, proof-reading and ascertaining adequacy of content.

Supporting Editor – Yemi Gbeja, Senior Business Manager: Provides second line support to the Editor on proof-reading and validation of reported business activities during the quarter.

Production – Festus Ojudun, Supervisor – Human Resources and Adesuwa Erhahon, Human Resources Officer: Information gathering, news filtering, photography, design, formatting, layout and write-up.

The Editorial Team (from left): Kayode Thomas, CEO; Jessy Eni, Senior Human Resources Manager; Adesuwa Erhahon, Human Resources Officer; Festus Ojudun, Supervisor – Human Resources and Yemi Gbeja, Senior Business Manager.

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