Brice Marsal- Milton Roy Regional Sales Manager, Africa

When I was asked to write an article on the 10-year partnership between Bell Oil and Gas (BOG) and Milton Roy, my immediate response was Yes, it would be my honor. However, I realized how difficult it might be to summarize these last ten years in just a few lines to describe the relationships, friendships, successes and lessons learned during this time, but let’s try!

Milton Roy(MR) was looking for a strong, reliable and trustworthy partner in Nigeria to manage the local relationships and provide first-class customer service to the MR installed base of equipment at facilities such as Total (Amenam),Chevron (Escravos), NLNG and the refineries equipped with our pumps.

As an existing Sundyne distributor (Sundyne being a sister company of Milton Roy), BOG was a natural candidate for this partnership. As such, I had my first contact with Yinka Adetuberu, the Senior Rotating Equipment Manager of Bell Oil & Gas. We shared the relevant data over several weeks to ensure that both companies had the common interest of a long-term partnership.

From the MR side, BOG’s youth and dynamism and the strong structure and business model created by the top management team were keys to agreeing to our partnership and continues to be an essential differentiator today.

Whilst with MR, BOG finds a market leader in the design, engineering, production and support of chemical dosing pumps and mixers, proposing API 675, 674 pumps, with electric, pneumatic, solar-driven pump solutions, with a well-deserved reputation for the reliability of its products. MR was also able to build complete package systems around the pumps and mixers to participate in large oil and gas projects in Nigeria with a complete solution.

My first visit to Nigeria was dedicated to the presentation of our partnership to end-users (Total, Chevron, NLNG, PHRC, WRPC) to ensure that the supply of spare parts and pump replacements were focused through our chosen partner, BOG, presenting a single point of contact to our valued customers.

For BOG, they benefit from an extensive portfolio of world-class rotating equipment along with the opportunity to provide value-added services such as testing, installation, commissioning and maintenance. It further enables BOG to address new customers and applications with products that can be utilized across many industries.

For us at MR, we benefit from Bell Oil & Gas business development team’s capability and experience and their local network of contacts who have more visibility of new projects.

Brice Marsal,(right) with Yinka Adetuberu (middle)Senior Rotating Equipment Manager (BOG) in France

They have trained local field service personnel to provide ongoing support to our installed base and have trained product specialists to engage directly with our customers’ engineering teams.

During the last ten years, there have been many training programs that have taken place both in
Nigeria and in the Milton Roy training facility in France, enabling our customers to access a large number of Milton Roy trained personnel.

As I look back over the last ten years, I am proud to say that our successful partnership is based on
trust and teamwork between our two companies.

I am always pleased (I hope it’s a shared pleasure) at each of my visits to meet with new young and dynamic team members and the senior management team who make the partnership of BOG and Milton Roy an important and successful one.

The second reason for our success is the regular and growing business we have developed together since making Bell Oil and Gas the first Milton Roy distributor in Africa. We are focusing not only on our installed base but having great
success with new installations such as the chemical injection packages sold on the OFON II platform for Total (Antifoam, Antiscale, corrosion inhibitor, Methanol injection), Chevron (pneumatic chemical injection package), Warri (sulfuric acid Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) chemical injection skids to prevent corrosion issues), Shell (corrosion inhibitor injection packages) and more recently three projects for NLNG (Chlorine and hydrochloric acid chemical injection skids).

The latest significant success is BOG becoming our Milton Roy Authorized Service Center in Nigeria and the Guinea Gulf region. This program is aimed at qualifying expert partners to provide repair, field service and after-sales services. Looking to the future, MR and BOG will continue to develop our business into new markets and applications, for example, into the Water Treatment segment. This is a growing and key market space for the coming years in developed and highly populated countries such as Nigeria. Potable water and wastewater treatment are essential utilities for people all over the world. Milton Roy has worldwide experience and established framework
agreements with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) such as Veolia and Suez, along with dedicated products for this market that will benefit the Nigeria Market and enable the future development of business for BOG.

Many other stories could have been told about our successes, memorable meetings, and long-term friendships. We will continue our valuable partnership for the next ten years staying focused on our values and goals to serve the Nigerian market with the best products and the best people.

B r i c e M a r s a l – M i l t o n R o y R e g i o n a l
Sales Manager, Africa

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