BOG Rotating Equipment (RE) team members with Sundyne representatives and Greenville team members

A two-man team from the Rotating Equipment (RE) unit embarked on this project on the 29th of October to successfully repair a Sundyne compressor at Greenville Liquified Natural Gas limited at Rumuji in Port Harcourt. Before this project commenced, Raymond Macka, Managing Director and Raja Sadaquat, Maintenance Manager at Greenville visited BOG facilities with the aim of establishing a mutually beneficial relationship with the BOG team. From their feedback, they were impressed with the facilities. Julien Wrobel, the Area Sales Manager at Sundyne was also present during the visit. The next phase was a joint visit by the BOG team and Sundyne representative to access the gas compressor before the project commenced. The repair of the Sundyne compressors would significantly control unwanted gas.

BOG team members (In orange overall) with Greenville team members at the warehouse at BOG Port Harcourt

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