In March 2016, BOG’s Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Ayo Aderibigbe, visited a couple of valve manufacturers with whom BOG had developed a working relationship. The objectives of the meetings were to develop a better understanding of the approach to be taken by each company to address the changing nature of the Oil & Gas industry and to develop a wider network of suppliers that would enable BOG better serve clients’ needs.

The COO visited the headquarters of BAC Valves located at Figueres, (Girona), Spain. He met with Roman Mariette, Project Coordinator for Shell projects in general, and Josep Ma Sanchez, the Commercial Manager.

BAC Valves see their specialty as providing high quality engineered valves. In general they work exclusively with MRC who have frame agreements in place with Shell for Europe, US and Asia.

In recent years, they have become one of the preferred suppliers of TEV (top entry valves) for Shell. All their valves are made in Spain.

BAC Valves

L – R: Mr. Ayo Aderibigbe, Chief Operating Officer, BOG with Josep Sanchez, Commercial Manager, BAC Valves during a visit to BAC Valves headquarters in Spain.

Mr. Aderibigbe also visited Ampo Poyam Valves situated at, Katea Auzoa, Gipuzkoa, Northern Spain. Benat Goya, the Area Sales Manager, was the host.

Ampo has three (3) distinct divisions: engineering, foundry and valves.

Engineering – through collaborations with engineering companies, they had achieved a measure of success convincing clients that by working with them from design through to commissioning stages of projects, they have been able to reduce incidences of failure on projects.

Foundry – their foundry makes the housing for valves for themselves as well as for other manufacturers. They have been involved in over 1,500 patents for castings.

Valves manufacturing – Ampo bought Poyan in the 1970s and that was when they got into valve manufacturing.

The visits were very successful as they have given rise to a number of initiatives to increase service delivery to our customers.

AMPO Valves

Cross section of Ampo Poyam valves

AMPO Valves 1

Mr. Ayo Aderibigbe, Chief Operating Officer, BOG with Benat Goya, Area Sales Manager of Ampo Poyam Valves during a recent visit.

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