The Haimo Multiphase flow meter (MPFM) is a device used in the oil & gas industry to measure the individual phase flow rates of oil, water, and gas in a multiphase flow without separation.


The accuracy of the Water Liquid Ratio’s (WLR) measurement of other flow meters suffers slugging due to high Gas Volume Fraction. To solve this challenge, Haimo introduced an inline liquid sampler (flow conditioner). The inline liquid sampler’s function is to condition the multiphase flow by mitigating slugs and reducing the level of the gas volume. The inline sampler helps the Haimo MPFM achieve a water cut measurement error within +/_2% absolute for the full range of stated GVF in the meter’s operating envelope.

The Haimo meter emphasis is on Water Cut because the accuracy of measurements depends on water cut. Haimo meter has a flow conditioner that conditions what will flow through the dual gamma meter, ensuring that the GVF is minimized to 50%. At a GVF of 50%, the accuracy of the water cut is guaranteed!

The gamma source used in the Haimo meter is the lowest energy gamma source – Americium -241, the same source used in domestic smoke detectors, thereby making the meter environmentally friendly. On a well with a higher GVF of more than 95%, the Haimo meter can take an accurate measurement.



Bell Oil & Gas has well trained and experienced personnel who can effectively deploy our meters to the field for accurate measurements of the various well stream phases without separation.


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