BOG At 20 – Success is Not an Accident

What motivates you? What gives you purpose?. What is your measurement of success, and what will guide you when things go wrong? You could call all of this a person’s “why”. It is the reason for anything we do, and the core of who we are. Knowing this is transformative, makes you more versatile and […]

BOG At 20 – The BOG Story Untold

There is beauty in telling the story about an institution as unique as BOG. Her grace lightens the path of her people for all to see and know, and I am one of them.   My BOG adventure didn’t start with the experience of a fully fitted resume but the guts and the determination to […]

BOG At 20 – The Birth of Greater Things…It Has Started

How time flies, everything looks different now, our baby of yesterday is now an adult; BOG is now 20 years! The journey has been an interesting one having ups and downs, but the ride is of great worth. Though new in the team, I have enjoyed exciting team activities and involvement with lots of thought-provoking […]

BOG At 20 – The Catalysis Has Begun, The Result will be Stentorian

In November 2010, I took the decision to join BOG. What ensued over the next ten years has been the most transformative experience of my career. I have seen BOG achieve many milestones and grow to become a reference point in some of its product and service offerings. Securing a multimillion-dollar contract for Procurement & […]

BOG At 20 – Hats Off to 20 Years of Success

As Bell Oil & Gas celebrates twenty years of service to the oil and gas community, I join others in the celebration of 20 years of accomplishment. I also take this opportunity to thank BOG for helping me make progress in my life. I remember when I put in my CV in December 2008, I […]

BOG At 20 – Gold is Tried by Fire

BOG’s development is an inspiration. Her dedication to opportunities, growth in the oil and gas industry, standing out amongst her peers, establishing a Pipe threading and Valve assembly plant, and still standing after 20 years, especially through the numerous economic downturns, is worth celebrating. Many companies have come and gone, but BOG, “the great place […]

BOG At 20 – The Void

A long time ago Before we met A void was in my heart           I tried so long To fill the hole But knew not where to start To make a start, I had to On that faithful day in 2004, I did And the rest is history It is part of that history we recount […]

BOG At 20 – A dream Come True

20 years ago, three men had a dream, to be the forerunners of an indigenous Oil and Gas company with international standards, in Nigeria. To say they leaped would be putting it mildly, leaving the comfortable lives they had overseas, with their goals in one hand and their courage to pursue it in the other. […]

BOG At 20 – Perseverance and Resilience is Key

Anniversaries, whether individual, family or corporate, are a time to celebrate and a time to reflect on the difficulties that were surmounted within those years and build a platform for more tenacity to break frontiers further. Being part of the organization for about a decade now, I have witnessed Bell Oil & Gas evolve and […]

BOG At 20 – When A Dream Becomes A Reality

I would like to start this piece with that famous quote by Ivan Turgenev; who said and I quote. “If we wait for the moment when everything, absolutely everything is ready we shall never begin”. This is the story of Bell Oil and Gas( BOG). BOG’s journey has been tumultuous, it has been fraught with […]